Kateboard Scandal Research Paper

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kateboard Scandal

Troy loves skateboarding, ever since he was two years old he would be on his skateboard everyday, no matter what the weather was like. When Troy turned 11 he was almost pro, he was one of the best skaters in Minnesota. One day that all changed, his mom told him that they were moving. Troy cried for three days, he didn't want to leave his friends. The day of the moving, Troy was kind of excited that he gets to see the beach for the first time. He is going to live in a nice house in San Diego, California. The only reason why he didn't want to go is because he has to drive for 3 days. On the way there he saw the ocean and it glared like candles on a candelabra When Troy finally got into his new neighborhood he saw a huge skatepark, at that moment Troy knew he was going to love it there.

The skatepark looked Amazing, nothing like he had ever seen in Minnesota, it had a halfpipe that
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He asked everyone at the skatepark if they had seen it. He told them his skateboard was very 2

embellish and green. People said they saw someone break their skateboard earlier, but he went to his car with a different one, they said it was green too, the guys favorite color was supposedly green, his name was Travis. The pieces of the puzzle are all coming together. The guy who took Troy's board hes to be the man who said that Troy had a sick board.

Troy decided to go check out other boards at the skate shop across the street. It would take all his saving to get a new board, he walked across the street to find out that the shop was closed, so Troy would have to wait until morning. Then he saw a movement in the corner of his eye, he turned around and saw Travis. Troy was very quandary. Then Troy came running for the man. Travis noticed him and went running. Then Troy trapped travis in the corner of an ally.
“Where is it.” said Troy,
“What.” said

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