Narrative Essay: Pedro's Life

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Pedro is a duck that lives in a small duck community in Kentucky. Pedro had just been assimilated into the community of ducks when he found his greatest talent. In his community he was lionized for his ability to swim fast. Every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to be with him. His father had passed away after being shot by a hunter when he was three years old and his mother had been taking care of him on her own ever since. Being popular was not easy for Pedro but he could help but take advantage of it when he could. He was always being watched by the younger ones, so he had to be very meticulous of his actions. Sometimes he would get the younger ones who idolized him to do things for them because they were so loyal to him.
Life was going great for Pablo until one day a calamity occurred. As Pablo was running towards the water for his first dive of the day, he tripped in snapped his leg right in half. Medical treatment from the local duck doctor was urgent. When talking to the doctor, they were told that the kind of break Pablo had was bizarre. He put a cast that shackled him from moving his broken leg.
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It was a sweltering summer and there was no way Pedro could cool himself down while having to sit around all day because of his leg. One day, Pedro decided to leave his home and go watch his friends have swimming competitions at the community pond. While watching all of his friends competing against each other for the prize of bragging rights and pride, he recalled all of the memorable summer moments that he had at this pond. He had won many of these friendly races in the water and never thought he would have to sit out and watch other people replace him in the first place spot. Once his friends noticed him sitting all alone watching them, they went over to talk to him. While talking to Pedro, all of his friends noticed how sad he was so they conspired to make sure they cheered up

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