Karl Henning, A Native Of The United Kingdom Essay

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Karl Henning, a native of the United Kingdom, came to the United States in 2000 to play soccer at the collegiate level. Karl would spend several years playing soccer, and he eventually worked for a sports marketing company. In 2006, Karl founded the Rocky Soccer Academy, which trained young soccer players through training sessions. Henning started small but saw rapid growth. Now, with the help of assistants, Henning trains around 600 kids per year. However, he wants to expand his business using different marketing strategies so that he can justify purchasing a new training facility. Marketing strategies involve identifying segments of consumers; selecting the segments that the company can serve most efficiently; and offering products to the market (Lascu & Clow, 2012). Henning currently has four options that need to be evaluated so that he can make the best decision for the future of the Rocky Soccer Academy. Henning’s first option is to try to increase the retention rate of his students by developing programs targeted at kids over the age of 14. His current retention rate is around 80 percent, however when the kids reach 14 or 15 years old they begin to become less interested in extra soccer training due to their commitment to other high school sports and activities. One marketing strategy idea is that Henning could try and talk with the local high school coaches and encourage them to encourage their players to train at the Rocky Soccer Academy. This will benefit all of…

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