Essay about Karen Chua 's Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mom

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Every parent wants the best for their child, and there are different styles of parenting around the world that are used to ensure that their children do succeed. One method in particular is the stereotypical Chinese parenting style, or “tiger mom” parenting as it is referred to in Dr. Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom, however, many other Asian cultures utilize the same, if not, similar method. This method of parenting has received much criticism, especially in the western hemisphere, where it juxtaposes the “western” parenting styles. Despite this criticism, the results are undeniable when it comes to evaluating how successful children become when raised on the “tiger mom” method, compared to those raised by another other parenting style. The tiger mom parenting style is a superior parenting style due to the parents’ active involvement in their children’s lives, the children’s high academic achievement, as well as the traits children develop when raised using this parenting style.
Parents who raise their children according to the tiger mom style are known to be extremely active in their children’s lives. Children raised in this environment are pushed by their parents to practice until they are able to perfect their knowledge and ability on a given subject. Chinese parents spend, on average, about ten times as long going over academics with their children than Western parents do. Many people may argue that Chinese parents pressure their children too much and force…

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