Essay about Juvenile Justice : Juveniles And The Age Of 18

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Juvenile Justice Juveniles are young children, the law states juveniles are children under the age of 18. Many of these juveniles commit crimes like theft, assault, and the worst crime of all murder. These certain juveniles who commit these heinous murders are sometimes sentences to life in prison without parole, depending the severity of their crime. But, should theses juveniles be sentenced to life in prison? Some people agree with these life sentencing while other Americans do not agree with these sentences. I on the other do agree with life sentences but, to an extent not fully. I do not agree with not giving these juveniles a second chance no matter the crime. I believe everyone deserves a second chance even if they did kill someone and for that reason alone I think these juveniles should have a chances at parole. I still think life sentences are acceptable in the court of law for juveniles because they still need to be punished for the severity of the crime. Also, by giving life sentences the juvenile will realizes how bad their crime was when they receive their punishment (life in prison). But I firmly believe that many of these juveniles are aware of what they are doing and deserve the punishment they are receiving. If the punishment for murder was anything less than life in prison, what type of message is the law sending? That it is okay to kill someone if you’re a juvenile because you won’t get life in prison. How many more gangs would send juveniles to kill…

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