Effects Of Media Violence

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The Movies Made Me Go Mad Violence has existed since the beginning of mankind, some might even say it is a part of human nature. The cause for violence has been questioned all throughout time and the blame has been put on mental illness, extreme emotions, and more recently, media. Violence is present in movies, TV, music, and video games. The most affected by these are children, as they are easily influenced and cannot comprehend fictional images as much as adults can. Is a rockstar singing about murder to blame? The problem is not merely on the screens of the television, but much deeper in the minds of children. Media exposure has greatly increased throughout the years, and even more so unrestricted media exposure. According to a research …show more content…
Delinquents and youth crime has made up 69% of crime according to a study in 2005 (Princeton). Most of these young criminals blame the environment they grew up in and the real violence they were exposed to as a child for the crimes they have committed. According to a source most delinquents have a broken family background, been victims of abuse, and lived in poverty (Browne 706). Kevin Browne also states that reactions to media violence and real life violence go hand in hand, almost as if the media violence gives a boost to the impact real life violence will have on a child (705). For example, serial killer Richard Ramirez is commonly associated to AC/DC because he would listen to their music before committing his crimes. This detail is only a small reason for his violent actions as he blames his crimes on witnessing his cousin shoot someone, and taking physical abuse from his father. Children that have already shown violent behavior are more influenced by violent media (Browne 705). Browne also states that delinquents prefer violent media and identify with violent characters

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