Abuse Juvenile Crime System

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Violent crimes are increasing rapidly, and many vicious crimes are juvenile crimes. Many people try to find the best procedure to treat the juvenile crimes. Some think that children committing the crime should be treated in a separate juvenile system. However, to judge these kids should depend on their intention. Children might have to mature faster to know and obey the law by lowering the minimum age to treat them as an adult. A psychiatrist may be necessary to give advice to children who commit the crime and to treat their mental illness. Schools are places where children can meet many people, for schools should have a strict security system. The most significant thing to be done with juvenile crimes is that parents should be punished …show more content…
Also, they want love and warmth from parents. However, Collier does not agree on a separate juvenile system. Collier describes that children committing crimes have to be treated as adults if they use deadly weapons to commit a crime. To treat juvenile crimes should base on how violent the crime is and children’s determination. Juvenile crimes are increasing rapidly. Some cases happen because of children’s carelessness while some cases occur because kids plan to do violence. A child should be in a separate juvenile system when a child does the crimes without carefulness. In the separate juvenile system, a person should instruct children to obey the laws and not to do any violence in the future, for kids committing crimes can spend their lives as a normal person. However, some kids with intention to do the violent and critical crime should be treated as an adult. “If a juvenile is accused of murdering, raping, or assaulting someone with a deadly weapon, the suspect should automatically be sent to adult criminal court” (Collier par.11). If they plan to murder someone, it means that they know what the outcomes are. They desire the victim to die. Therefore, kids with life-threatening crimes should be incarcerated or life sentences if crimes are …show more content…
Parents should be punished as same as their kids should. If the kid is judged to stay in a separate juvenile system, their parents should stay with them and try to teach them to be a better person in the future. Moreover, parents should stay in prisons when their kids are judged to imprison for severe crimes. Parents should also be responsible for their kids because parents should take care of their children from they were born until they are adults. If their kids do violent crimes, it means that parents lack of taking care of their kids and giving them good suggestions to become a good person. When parents do not take care of their children enough, their children will do something excessively, so they should be penalized for kid’s crimes as same as their kids should. The age of adolescence to treat a juvenile crime as adults should be lower. “In recent years, many states have enacted changes in their juvenile crime laws, and some have lowered the age at which a juvenile can be tried as an adult for certain violent crimes” (Collier par.5). The range of age to judge the kid as an adult should not be more than eighteen years old in some states. Teenage

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