Explain Why Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults

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When a person under the age of eighteen commits a crime, most of the time they will not be tried as adults. The young defendant might go into court and his sentence might be much more lenient than if he had been an adult. Adults who commit these crimes know exactly what it is they are doing and they know exactly how wrong it is, yet they continue to do it. Minors, however, are still young and ignorant. They are in their childhood, despite what one might argue, and they will make mistakes. Young people need to be taught not to commit crimes, but throwing them in jail for life will not teach them anything; instead, the entire life they have ahead of them and the chance they have to learn their lesson is all gone. Not all juveniles are completely in control of their actions yet. They do not always know better, and they need to do things in order to learn in the future not to do wrong. Therefore, minors should not be tried as adults due to their capabilities of improving their life choices. …show more content…
They’re young and have life ahead of them, and they should not have to face a sentence as an adult. They make mistakes, sometimes from pressure from peers or sometimes out of anger, and trying them as an adult is unjustified and morally wrong. Making mistakes is the only way for someone to learn; if the young person is sentenced to years of community service or a jail sentence where the minor is not set to be released until they are in their forties, then the life of a young person has been wasted when they could have been learning from their mistakes and possibly making up for it. Sometimes they might deserve to be locked away in jail for life, but in all reality putting them in jail with a bunch of adults is morally

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