Just Do It, Like The Nike Slogan And Take Action Essays

1273 Words Sep 27th, 2016 6 Pages
When writing, “just do it” like the Nike slogan and take action. The way how people express themselves in writing can connect them to many people in so many different ways. Writing is just one of many forms of communication and it makes the world go round. My writing skills along with my thinking and reading skills can also make a big difference in my career and for my future audience in this world. When learning a skill, it takes patience and time with trial and error. By learning from failures and overcoming challenges, you can move forward. Critical reading, thinking, and writing skills are crucial for the development into my career. My communication skills need improvement; therefore I will take the steps to change for the future and for my career field. My major is marketing and I want to become a marketing manager. A marketing manager does things such as: direct marketing activities, accessing financial aspects and marketing strategies to name a few. My career field does require critical thinking, writing and reading skills. Marketing managers do a lot of creative writing to connect to their audiences and always have very clear communication in details for marketing plans. I need to make sure my writing and communication are very clear and therefore have all the details in order to get my point across. I enjoy thinking outside of the box and writing down every single idea that I get from my brain. In order to be successful in my career, I need to be able to…

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