Julius Caesar And The Roman Republic Essay

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Julius Caesar was a great political leader who was the bridge from the old Roman Republic to an Empire. One of the most famous Roman Rulers of the time Julius Caesar, through his reforms and actions he brought the Roman Republic to its knees. Although Julius Caesar was an accomplished military leader, statesman and politician, his motives and actions would damage the Roman Republic. The way Julius Caesar contributed to the breakdown of the Roman republic was through his involvement in the civil war, the motives he had while being the dictator of Rome and how his death would bring about a civil war and the beginning to the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was the final straw to the breakdown of the Roman Republic.
Steps leading up to the civil war would play an important role in the breakdown of the Roman Republic. In 56 BC Caesar, Pompey and Crassus renewed the alliance between the three powerful men. The demands put forth by these men were met, although conflict would be already obvious. Julius Caesar and Gnaeus Pompeius would have very similar career paths. Although Pompey was able to reach the height of his power more quickly, Caesar’s career would show to be on a slow rise. At this time Caesar and Pompey were of similar power, with Crassus struggling to attain equal status. The senate was torn in regards for supporting these men. In 54BC Julia, who was the daughter of Caesar and married to Pompey for political power died, an important political tie was thus broken.…

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