Joyce Tillman Eulogy

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Joyce Tillman, my mom, usually starts her mornings off by going to her knees and engaging in an elongated prayer. It’s something she does before anything else in the morning, to her it’s the start to her day, almost like a car needing the key to start the engine, the car can’t mover or function without the key, as my mom can’t function without her daily morning prayer. She believes that praying and putting things to come in the lords hands helps her to deal with what’s to come in her day at work, furthermore, dealing with extensive phone calls, sometimes agitating customers or employees’ attitudes, to her is helped or guided by the lord through prayer, or what she calls spiritual enrichment. I have been able to observe intensively her routine as she gets ready to head to work. She’s up and moving around 5:00am, with her prayer time being 4:30am. Every morning I can hear her telling herself she’s going to have a great day and no one will take her joy from her. Not to mention, she’s a very spiritual golden-hearted woman with great passion for her job as well as a woman with great empathy. To me empathy is her …show more content…
What is more, to hear thank you so much over the phone, to hear babies crying in the background, and to know that-that baby isn’t going to be crying because that baby has no place or no food to eat because their parent has just gotten unemployment to go through. She explained to me that to her it’s the Christ in her that motivates her to go beyond her means and help the

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