Eulogy For God

Looking at my grandmother, sitting at her computer, makes me content as well as hurt. At the ripe age of 62, I praise God every day she’s still here. Time has aged her, but she only be becomes more beautiful every day. My view reveals a strong, incredible, African American woman; but also a woman growing weaker every day. She is incredibly compassionate, independent, and courageous.
Her short, weighty frame and terrible posture, in her old worn chair with no back support, is probably why she always says, “Umph, umph, umph. That nursing home will work you like a Hebrew Slave.” Her dark complexion is glowing from the computer’s light. She focuses intently through her old broken eyeglasses; this pair missing a lens and temple, causing it to sit
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They were golden, fluffy, mouthwatering, and delicious. My grandmother always gave me the best advice and taught me sayings I’d never heard before. Whenever things go bad I can always hear her favorite quotes, “Well, I’ll be Joan Brown” and “ Jesus wept.” If I need anything, especially money, I go to Granny. She says, “I don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.” Then, I’ll have money in my hand and wallet. In the car, we jam to all the classics, windows down, wind taking off her favorite black and honey blonde bob styled wig. My grandmother is truly a funny person, even when she’s not trying. I remember her at the computer, when I played the song “Mercy” by Kanye West. I previously told my grandma that people say it’s a devil worship song. When the lyrics “Lamborghini Mercy, your chick she so thirsty”came on Granny said, “Now we gotta find out what that means.” I burst into laughter and said, “Granny, that’s a car!” I can’t believe she thought that was about the devil. We always laugh about my uncles Joe and Earl being, in Granny’s words, “drunk as Cooter Brown” or “Drunk as a skunk.” My grandmother is my inspiration and the biggest part of who I am. She is my hero and I admire her for it. She is nearly invincible, but her two kryptonite are snakes and pit bulls. Nevertheless, everything I have become that is good, I owe it to Granny Toy. She is my …show more content…
My eyes scan over the never empty ashtray and the box of empty cigarettes. I can see the smoke creating a cloud around her and the smell is so overwhelming, I begin choking. I swear I take in more than she does from second-hand smoke. She finally acknowledges me and says, “Go get my cigarettes out of the car.” She knows it breaks my heart to see her smoke. Consequently, it threatens the time we have together. Sometimes, I even think she loves them more than me. I say, “No! I’d do anything for you, but get your cigarettes.” I hate to send her outside late at night, but I just can’t help her end her life. I wish she would stop smoking forever, but whenever she stops she starts back. I have tried hiding her cigarettes and lighters, getting her electronic cigarettes, a patch, gum, and anything else; but she doesn’t take it. I cry when I ponder about all the sacrifices she has made, but might not be around to see the results. Her addiction is so strong she may never

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