The Crucible Judgement Essay

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For over 6,000 years, people have been criticizing others based on rumors heard or first hand experience. Many criticisms lead to persecution and ignorance from everyone involved in the situation. Similar to criticisms in modern society, judgments have lead to several persecutions and realizations in literature such as The Crucible and my personal life as well. People should judge others by their inner character, because when they do it brings out compassion; however, when people do not judge by inner character it brings outs qualities such as confusion and insecurity. Last February my friend Bethany showed compassion to her friend Peyton by bringing her to church and changing her life. Bethany had been asking Peyton to attend Wednesday night …show more content…
After the girls of Salem were caught dancing in the woods, they claimed they were under the possession of a witch; however, it was a big lie and just their way of hiding their sins and shame. Later on when trials proceeded due to Abigail’s accusations, John brought in his new servant Mary to testify for Elizabeth. After John, Giles, and Nurse showed Judge Danforth their depositions claiming their wives were good people, John showed Danforth Mary’s confession. John told Danforth that at one time, Mary claimed witches were after her, but Danforth admitted he was aware of this information. Then, John said that Mary lied about seeing Satan and that she claimed that she had never seen a witch before. Hale then added, after John’s statement, that the legality of the depositions needed to be reviewed. Danforth agreed with Hale and Hale admitted he does not know if John is truthful because he did not personally know him. For a little while after that, Hale and Danforth continued to talk through the depositions and Mary. The last thing Danforth wanted was a guilty conscience, but Hale told Danforth that he needed to do what needed to be done and to not have a conscience looming over his head. Finally, after Danforth reviewed the depositions, he decided to ask Mary to come and testify herself. Mary confirmed her testimony and admitted that she faked being under a witch’s power, but Danforth wanted her to act it out to prove she was telling the truth. However, when she saw Abigail looking at her, she was nervous and unable to fake it. In a sudden rush, she accused John for making her testify. The judgments of Mary and upon the depositions were used to show insecurity between the characters. When John and the other men entered the court room, they were worried their wives would be hung. They do not want the responsibility of taking care of kids and houses because they were

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