The Secret Life Of Bees Quote Analysis

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Conner St. Laurent
Advanced English 10
Journal Entries for The Secret Life of Bees

Chapter 1-2 Quote “People who think dying is the worst thing don’t know a thing about life.” (2) Lily said that in the beginning of the novel in the exposition. This very important quote explains how Lily’s life has been immensely affected from her mother passing away. The quote pretty much proposes that living with someone’s death can be more painful than dying yourself. She also claimed that dying couldn’t be the worse thing that could happen to her. Lily doesn’t mention her mom until after this quote indicating that she needs to open the statement strongly because she has a lot to say about her. Lily’s mother played a big role in her life and she will always remember the few memories she has with her.

Chapter 3-4 Quote “I wanted to make her love me so that she would keep me forever. If I could make her love me, maybe she would forget about Beatrix the nun going home and let me stay.”(94)
August tells Lily a story. In this story, a nun leaves her home, realizes that she misses something, and then goes back. When she returns home, she realizes that Mary was filling in her place. Lily thought in the story Beatrix the nun was like her. She also made the assumption that August was going to send her back home. August actually was referring
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The first instance is how May’s death propels June to marry Neil, consequently establishing their new life together. Throughout the story June is scuffling to get over her break-up with her old fiance, Melvin Edwards. She is too reluctant to marry Neil even though they love each other. She fears it may happen again. However, May's suicide note motivates June to realize that she had to overcome her heartbreak and get around to marrying Neil, which made everybody happy. The second time is when Lily finally reconciles with her mother’s death and is set free to truly begin her own

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