It Ends With Us Character Analysis

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‘ There is no such thing as bad people . We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.’[ ‘IT ENDS WITH US’ ]
Colleen Hoover is known for her ‘out of the box’ new adult romance novels. Each of her novel from Ugly Love to Hopeless focuses on different aspects of love. She successfully does so with this novel as well. ‘It Ends With Us’ is till date the best work of Hoover. It is a heart wrenching story. You connect with every character and feel their pain.
This novel addresses a serious issue I.e ‘Domestic Violence’ and also answers the question that why some women still choose to stay in an abusive relationship. The story is about Lily Bloom , a 23 year old beautiful, independent woman who owns a successful floral shop. She is a strong
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When Lily gains consciousness she calls Atlas for help, he takes her to the hospital. There Lily finds out about her pregnancy. She is really scared of Ryle so she hides in Atlas home for few days to heal herself and also to decide what she wants for herself and her baby.
During her pregnancy Ryle maintains his distance from Lily and gives her space to choose whether she wants to get back together or wants a divorce. After the birth of their daughter Lily makes the final decision by asking Ryle ‘ What will he do if one day his daughter tells him that her husband pushed her from the stairs or tried to rape her?’ She asks him to give her the same advice and with it the novel ends.
The Title of the novel is very apt and emotional. The novel leaves you with tears. You can feel Lily’s pain in each line, you even feel sorry for Ryle’s past but his actions are not exucusable. Love is what keeps Lily from leaving the relationship and at the end it’s love which makes her change her decision. You can buy this novel from Amazon at Rs. 349. It contains 384

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