John Doe And Domestic Violence

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John Doe lived with his mother and grandmother, Ms. Jennifer Johnson, from birth until the age of 4. John and his mother moved out of Ms. Johnson’s home in 2007, but John moved back in 2008. In the second grade, John claimed he lived in a foster home for 6 months, but there are no other accounts to verify this information. From 2009 until 2013, John bounced between living with his mother and Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson became John’s legal guardian when he was 13 years old. In 2014, a month after living with his mother and her boyfriend, John was brought to a State Hospital and then transferred to a Town Hospital due to unavailable bed space. Upon his release in 2014, John went to live with his father, Mr. Carl Doe, for six months. After an altercation with Mr. Doe, John returned to Ms. Johnson’s house later that year. John resided here until January 2016, at which time he assaulted Ms. Johnson. 1. Availability:
John’s family has not been physically or emotionally available or consistent and loving towards him. Mr. Doe has been in and out of his life; they
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At an early age, John was exposed to domestic violence in which his father abused his mother. While in the third grade, John witnessed a domestic violence dispute between his parents. John threatened his father’s life with a knife and demanded he stop abusing his mother. John never witnessed domestic violence again between his mother and father. As a result, John has learned that the threat of a knife to himself or others in a dire situation is useful; he also uses it as a self-defense mechanism. John’s mother, father, and grandmother have all abused John, which have resulted in scars on his legs and back from various objects. John has also undergone several accounts of psychological abuse. He has been told that he is, “unwanted,” a “problem,” and “bad.” Ms. Johnson has reported that John wet the bed until the age of thirteen, which is often a sign of

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