Johari Window Model Of Self Awareness Essay

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What is Johari?
Johari window model was developed in 1955 by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. It is important to know that this model is used to as feedback/disclosure model of self-awareness. Also, this model is based on two ideas. Trust can be acquired by revealing information about you to others and learning yourselves from their feedbacks. The model is divided into four quadrants, which are labeled as open, blind, hidden, and unknown. Each section signifies personal information, feelings, motivation, etc. In this paper I am going to enlighten my readers about the importance of truly becoming aware of one’s actions. I hope to gain knowledge on how to have an open mind when it comes to feedback because I can be very stubborn at times.
Being a person who likes to talk about myself, surprisingly, this part of the exercise took me actually 15 minutes to begin. I decided to start with the basic introduction of myself. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix to Michelle Henry and Gilbert Gonzague. I am the only child of my mother and I have two brothers that I do know and also a sister whom I never met on my father’s side. Since I am very outspoken and an open individual, it has never been a struggle for me to express myself or even share information about myself to strangers. Although I am an open person, I am very cautious of what information I do share. I moved to Texas about four years ago and I have only made two close…

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