Essay on Joe Willis: Feeling the Heat in Thailand Case Study

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Joe Willis and his team are faced with a massive mess that they must clean up and restore order back to the entity. Throughout the story Joe is read as the protagonist, but to the workers he aims to empower and improve to increase performance/productivity he is seen as the antagonist and only there because he is on a ‘witch hunt’. The fear instilled because of word of mouth that he is from ‘internal audit’ makes workers a bit worried about job security. The support affection that follows after, when he is paraded out by police and supported by the sales manager both then and during court reveals that there is a sense of friendship and connection between
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Also by rewarding workers with education fees paid by the company for their young children, or if children are absent from a specific worker then perhaps further education for themselves if performance and productivity is high. This will build a greater relationship and also give the workers more reason and a joy to work as they understand that the company also cares not only for them but their families too.

The issue recommended by me is to go with the last solution to avoid further erosion in teamwork and productivity, as the other issues can be easily manoeuvred to avoid and is less of a current/pressing issue but mainly because we don’t want this ‘erosion’ to turn into a ‘landslide’ where not only internal forces such as employee protests or riots could occur but also external forces could come into play such as unions and bad PR (Public relations). Forgetting that it not just beneficial for members of staff but mainly for child welfare, general education, job enlargement (for the employees’ without kids who want the education) health, entertainment; Also things like boosting national

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