Health Disparities In Poverty

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Health disparities exist in all populations and effect every demographic in the United States. There are many causes for these disparities which lead to poor health and a barrier to quality care. Poverty, for example, is a major cause of health disparities in the United States, there is a clear link between socioeconomic status and health in this country. Within the African American population, poverty is highly prevalent and influences the health disparities faced by the population. High incidence of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are just a few examples of disparities faced by impoverished African Americans.
Over 27% of African Americans in the United States are living in poverty("Poverty in Black America,n.d.). This is an alarming
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According to Dore and Eisenhardt (2015), "education is considered as the most SES component since it shapes future occupational opportunities and earning potential." Acquisition of an education is important and can go a long way in helping end all disparities effecting this population. It can mend almost all issues bearing the weight on those African Americans in poverty.
As for the high amount of African Americans uninsured, education could allow youth to get better jobs that provide insurance, and earn higher incomes pulling them out of poverty all together. This would allow for more African Americans to get access to care and may slash the high numbers of people suffering from things like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Those who are highly educated often see lower morbidly rates as well.
To help make education more accessible we need to work in urban areas and other areas highly populated with African Americans living in poverty. Many measures must be taken to keep students in school and help them access higher education. As well as keeping students in school, they need to be exposed to and taught about healthy diets and lifestyles. Public schools are a great, and convenient, way to teach many children these healthy diet tips and how to live a healthy
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27% of African Americans are currently living in poverty, they are greatly impacted by it and all problems that it causes. Many more actions and solutions must be persuade to end the problem.
Health disparities are differences in health and health outcomes. Poverty stricken African Americans face many disparities. They see disproportionate numbers of people dying from heart disease and stroke compared to even the next closest demographic. African Americans in poverty are also far more likely to suffer from diabetes and hypertension.
At the core, the cause of all of these diseases and disparities is poverty. Poverty is what causes a lack of insurance, lack of fresh foods, and education that neglects to teach healthy lifestyle and diet habits. With these negative effects come the various diseases that are seen at alarmingly high rates. The risk for diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and hypertension all Increase due to a lifestyle of

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