JHT2 Task 1 Essay

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Heather Taylor
Company D (Daily Durable Shoes)

Task 1 Part A

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Task 1 B
Daily Durable Shoes uses a broad differentiation strategy. This particular strategy is concentrated on a more broad section of the complete market. Daily Durable serves a market that is defined by upscale people who enjoy fancy but durable shoes. Daily durable has made the company known for training efforts and meeting customer’s needs with free shipping to anywhere in 1 week or less. Daily Durable shoes is also known for the quality of their shoes using green materials and recycled boxes. By allowing free shipping with a one week delivery time, made competing for delivery and
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Company B sustained their strategy by having the highest market share for North America ranging from 27.3% to 41.1% for the internet segment. Company B was also dominated with their strategy for best in industry score of 99 with average earnings per share of 9.31 with highest EPS being year 18 at 14.39. Company B stock price was also the best at year 18 at 230.46 as well as the highest net profit at $142,942. This is the most dominant competitive advantage used in the industry. Company C dominated the image ratings with a rating of 79 for years 14-18.

Task 1 E
The fit test is where a good strategy is matched well with the company’s internal and external situations, as well as the company’s abilities and goals. My strategy of broad differentiation meshes well with the company’s goal of great social responsibility and earning customers through quality and price. It also goes well with Daily Durable’s ability to gain these customers.
The competitive advantage test is where a good strategy will lead to maintainable competitive advantage. The bigger the competition, the more effective and powerful the strategy is. My strategy of broad differentiation shows to maintain corporate social responsibility as well as good prices for high quality shoes for customers all around the world.
The performance test is where a good strategy will boost the company’s performance. There are two versions of performance improvements that

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