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Article Review
Airlines have become an important form of transportation since the prices of airlines have gone down. People are traveling more with JetBlue, Southwest, Air Tran (low-cost carriers) than US Airways, Continental, Delta (network airlines). As mentioned in Planning Airport Access in an Era of Low-Cost Airlines an article from Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA) 2006 written by Richard de Neufville; air transportation industry is changing fundamentally.
Richard de Neufville is a professor of engineering systems and environmental engineering at Massachusetts Institute of technology. He has consulted on airport related projects in many cites which led him to write this article. Neufville presented the elementary
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Secondary airports usually have lover levels of traffic, fewer air traffic delays and less expensive facilities. The number one strategy was to avoid congestion which helps achieve aircraft productively. It helps to avoid spending time on the ground and in the air with no space to land which builds more traffic and delays flights. Low-cost carriers mostly cut turnaround time on the ground to a minimum of 25 minute than other airlines which spend up to an hour and aiming to save time is what leads low cost carriers to use secondary airports. These low-cost airlines use older, less expensive facilities, and use their space intensely so they require less making it cheaper. These airlines also care for their passengers’ costs for parking and other airport fees paid by them therefore they find more use in secondary airports.
Neufville brings up a different aspects about special purpose, high speed, fixed route access which is the rapid connection between the city center and the airport. Projects like building a train path are very expensive and require extensive construction; Air Tran from New York /Kennedy airport to metropolitan rail network cost about $1.7 billion for 8.4 miles. Theses links have very few riders on them, which increases the cost per ride. There is another form of transportation called door-to-door which includes changing from taxis to trains is said to be “cost

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