Essay about Jesus 's Resurrection From The Dead

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The last theme found in this story has to do with the third day. Jesus preformed the water into wine miracle on the third day at the wedding, “On the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee…” (John 2: 1-12). Now the third day is mentioned a lot in the bible and many very significant events occurred on the third day as well. One of the biggest events that occurred on the third mention in the bible was Jesus’s resurrection from the dead. This is obviously one of the most important events that occurred in the bible. Jesus’s ministry last 3 Passovers, which is basically the same thing as the third day. There are a ton of events that occurred on the third day but thinking about just the three events above you can see a significant meaning of the third day. The third day represents completion or the start of something. You can see in the both Jesus’s resurrection on the third day and the ending of Jesus’s ministry on the third Passover that both of these events have come to a completion. When Jesus turned the water into wine on the third day this is the start of Jesus’s ministry. There is a reason why God has these significant events occur on the third day as there is significance in the third day. Besides just the third day, the number three is also significant as it is recognized by many as the number of the Holy Spirit. The number three is present in many theological concepts such as the Holy Trinity, where there are components of it (Father, Son, and the Holy…

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