Jessica Simpson Narrative Essay

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Jessica sat down and dug through her drawer, retrieving her old photo album from 2005. Every page, every memory, made her wish that she could have been 6 for one more year. Although, the last page was really the one that made her want to go back. It had a picture of her, her mom, and her dad at the zoo on her birthday. They were all standing huddled together in front of the fence where you could pet and feed baby goats. Jessica was surprised that she really didn’t look that much different from her 6 year old self. She was, and still is, a fairly good-looking girl. Her face was young and delicate, covered in a countless amount of freckles. Her sun bleached hair was sticking out of her tight pigtails, and she flashed the camera one of her most …show more content…
Eventually, it worked and she wasn’t grateful for that. Jessica walked into homeroom and took her seat. The morning announcements came on, and Mrs. Lowell shushed the class.
“Good morning students of West Hemsley high school…” This was basically Jessica's cue to zone out. She grabbed her notebook out of her bag and began doodling and fiddling with her pencil.
“Lastly, make sure to wish Jessica Simpson a Happy birthday if you see her today. Now will you please join me in the pledge of allegiance.” Every person locked their eyes on Jessica as they stood for the pledge. Afterwards, Jessica sank in her seat and pulled her sweatshirt up to hide her face. “What’s wrong Jess, don’t like your birthday or something’?” One of the most annoying boys in the whole entire universe asked. Questions revolving around her birthday always found a way to make her heated. Jessica turned around and quietly answered the obnoxious boy, “No, as a matter of fact, I don’t” “You’d think you’d be happy to get the attention for once.” All of the boys and girls in class looked at their friends and back at Jessica as they could practically see the smoke come out of her

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