Essay about Jessica Robinson And Mary Foxworth

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On September 27, 2016, two women from Better Said Than Done, Jessica Robinson and Mary Foxworth, hosted an Oral Storytelling Workshop during the Fall for The Book Festival. Their purpose was to help their audience “hone [their] own storytelling techniques and build… confidence [in] presenting [their] own tale in front of a crowd”. Although the workshop failed to meet the goals stated in the Fall for Books summary, it was still a successful performance because Foxworth and Robinson used the feedback loop to continuously monitor the audience’s response level in order to teach and engage the audience.
Setting and Context The performance occurred in the Johnson Center’s Meeting Room F. The physical context of the performance included the chairs which were placed into rows with a small path in the middle. In front of the room was a space for the speakers to perform as well as a podium for the speaker to use. In the back was a table with information pertaining to Fall for the Book, Better Said Than Done, and Foxworth’s book: Cage. The layout of the room what I expected for a workshop. I had expected more of a group setting that could allow everyone to practice storytelling within a group in the allocated time. This layout did not have the intimacy as I expected, but it allowed the two speakers to present their material in a lecture format. The meeting room reduces the degree of separation from the performers and audience in comparison to a more formal setting such as a stage.…

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