Brooklyn College Reflection

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I was extremely excited to watch Brooklyn College’s rendition of Speech and Debate. The reasoning behind my excitement was that whilst reading the play written by Stephan Karam, I quickly realized that it’s humor and authenticity were aspects that I typically enjoy to a great extent in stories, whether that be in the form of a television show, movie, or play. I also felt that I was readily prepared to watch the show meticulously and focus on its acting and casting aspects. I chose the acting facet of the production to be the focal point of my review yet again because I understand that I could have pushed further and been more detail oriented when writing my previous review.
Brooklyn College’s Speech and Debate had a small cast of four actors. Henry Award had the role of Solomon, Adama Jackson had the role of Diwata, Uki Pavlovic had the role of
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Based on my reading I enjoyed his sarcasm, but I disfavored his personality as a whole especially in comparison to Diwata and Solomon. However, watching the actor perform utterly altered my feelings. He still incorporated Howie 's sarcasm, but he also allowed me to obtain a better grasp on Howie 's perspective and how he felt being the new kid. As for Diwata, she was cleverer than I previously envisioned. Diwata was as passionate and eccentric as I hoped, but she also owned characteristics that I was not expecting from reading the play. For instance, When Diwata called Howie after her first conversation with Solomon, I understood why she made the phone call, although I did not think her intention was to be cunning until I watched the story unfold before me. I understand it is effortless to misinterpret a character when you are not aware of said characters’ tone and expression, hence seeing the character in action with facial expression, body language, and tone of voice makes the audience far less susceptible to

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