Jersey : A Old Friend Of Mine Essay

745 Words May 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Jersey. Noticing also that was the time I didn’t hear from him for three days. Naturally I called the numbers, curious to know what the number was for or who it belonged to a female answered the phone. Is Terry there I asked? No he’s not here she replied. Is this his sister I questioned knowing he didn’t have a sister. No I’m not his sister I’m his woman she blurts out and who is this? Responding back, I’m his wife she hangs up. As a good wife I paid the bill and waited for Terry to get home he came in late that night. The phone bill was paid like you wanted Terry but something puzzles me maybe you can clear it up for me. What’s that Bee-Jay? Showing him the bill with the numbers I asked, whose numbers are these? This was during the time you didn’t call me what’s going on? Scrambling for words, Oh that’s an old friend of mine but this is an old bill. No Terry, this is when you didn’t call me you said you had some business to take care of and signed out a car. Is there something you need to tell me, Terry? Getting irate he rants; you are always looking for things they are going to pop up if you keep looking. No bellowing back, you gave me this and said pay it for you. In order to do so I had to see how much the bill was as I looked at it those numbers caught my eye and I called them too! Your woman answered, that’s what she said she was to you and hung up when I told her I was your wife. And you want me to believe there is no funny business going on, yeah, right Terry, I’m…

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