Jason 's Lyric : Film About Erotic Romance Between Jason And Lyric

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Have you ever wanted to visually examine a movie that gives you multiple forms of life, but could not find an excellent one. Jason’s Lyric is a drama film about erotic romance between the two main characters Jason and Lyric. The love between Jason and Lyric continually blossoms, and the character’s major role is to build the plot of the movie. The climax of the movie is built when the love between Jason and Lyric grows stronger, and they both find out that their brothers are in the same gang and were orchestrating to rob a bank. Jason seems disturbed by his past as he was growing; he could not imagine that his brother Joshua would become a gangster and what devastates him more is the death of their father who was mentally ill and a war veteran. Jason’s Lyric depicts haunted by the past, inner city blues, and the relationship among siblings.
In the exposition of the movie Jason is seen as a responsible person who wants to live a peaceful and successful life,but the history of his family haunts him and becomes a plague that cannot make him achieve his life plans. The series of flashbacks in the movie shows how Jason’s father, Mad Dog, attacked their mother in their childhood. His nightmare in the movie even becomes more devastating when the movie showed that it is Jason, who shot his father, Mad Dog, in the chest accidentally. In this particular scene we see that jason allows his past to control him and everything he does. It is up to the person to follow their dreams; and…

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