Iv Therapist 's Attitude Towards Patients Essay

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IV therapist
IV therapist’s attitude towards comatose patient was positive. She treated and approached the patient the same way. She did not differentiate patient with his medical condition. She knows that comatose patient can able to hear her, but they cannot respond. She communicated with him as she does with other patients. Even after chief resident’s sarcastic comments, she continued to behave as the same. When the chief resident informed her that the patient is Russian she started to talk to him in the Russian language. This shows how much interest she has in her work.
Chief resident
Chief resident’s attitude towards the patient was totally wrong. Being a patient care taker, he should have basic care and respect for him, but he didn’t. He did not realize that patient is hearing all his conservation with IV therapist. Respect is the means to convey their consideration for the individual. These are the basic qualification expected from the healthcare professional. Chief resident had none of the qualification.
Junior residents
Chief resident setting a bad example to other junior residents. Junior resident’s attitude may change towards comatose patients due to their experience. They will believe in their chief resident’s perception towards comatose patients. Junior residents will acquire the attitudes by modeling their chief resident’s attitude since they are in their learning phase.
The IV therapist action of caring and treating the comatose patient as other…

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