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There are many countries around the world that exist solely for the purpose of living;
Italy is one of these countries. Although small in size, Italy offers an abundance of culture and historical sites to see With the Alps on the northern part of the country, it separates Italy from the rest of the European mainland. With history dating as far back as the militaristic Roman Empire, the influence of its rich culture can be found throughout Europe. Some examples of this influence include popular Italian cuisine and the strong presence of the Roman Catholic
Churches spread throughout its countryside.
Italy is slightly larger than the state of Arizona, so that makes traveling around the country less time consuming than traveling around the United
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Italy is a peninsula in that unlike its northern border, large bodies of water surround the rest of the countries’ borders. This somewhat isolates the country from many cultural influences. In addition to Italy’s main land, there are also two islands on the southern end of the country that lie in the Mediterranean Sea; Sicily and Sardinia.
Due to Italy’s rugged terrain, only about nine and a half percent of the land can sustain agriculture. With the country only being able to use such a limited portion of the land to grow produce, it would not be able to self sustain itself if the world came down on unforgiving times.
In addition, Italy is not a big meat country and imports most of its meat from the northern
Running Head: Italy Culture 3 countries of Germany and Ireland. With Italy having to import almost all of the meat, the country consumes. Italy has a very modern and efficient infrastructure, even though it performs disappointingly compared to the other western European countries of similar size. The peninsula in whole is very well connected through a very extensive transportation system. espite
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During the First World War Italy fought on the side of the allies. Nevertheless, the country received very few gains from fighting on the victorious side. Therefore, in 1922 a fascist took control over Italy and turned it into a dictatorship Soon after, the Second World War broke out. This time though, Italy did not get involved until Germany was on the verge of winning the war. The Italian army over extended itsself by moving too fast in the efforts to conquer the world. Due to this strenuous situation, Axis was defeated in war. At the end of the war, local
Italian militia captured the dictator and claimed that they would be a republic. From that time on,
Italy has grown to be one of the most prosperous and democratic nations in Europe.
With all of the conflicts that Italy has been in it has always had a strong military. The once had concurred all of Europe, fought in both world wars, and to this day still obtain formidable force. Their army is over 104,000 strong and contain ample amounts of artillery and tanks at their disposal. Their navy contains over 34,000 troops, with over 34 ships and submarines able to defend their land by sea if so needed. They also have a strong Air force

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