Essay It 's Never Over.

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It’s Never Over “On April 20, 1999, Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold walked into Columbine High School armed with guns and explosives, killing twelve students and one teacher before taking their own lives. The motive behind their murderous and suicidal rampage indicated revenge for apparent mistreatment by other students” (“Criminal Defense”). This is just one of many stories of kids going nuts just because someone bullied them. It’s so sad knowing anyone can bring anything to school without being detected and others students won’t be safe. Not all schools are like this of course. In 6th grade I believe it was Jefferson Middle school, they had the kids go through medal detectors and searched their stuff before we even stepped in the school. My mother didn’t like this idea so I had gotten transferred. The schools that aren’t like this aren’t safe. Anyone can walked into school and start a killing spree. And the cause is someone bullying them. Most people can’t take the mental stress. In one way or another anyone can be bullied or maybe we bully someone. I had walked around my school asking people if they were the Victim, Bully, Outsider who watched, Bully’s Assistant, Defender, All, or just center ones. The pie chart below is proof. The results were shocking to me. Out of 100 kids thirteen percent were the bully, sixteen percent were the victims, only five percent were the bully’s assistant, eleven percent were the defenders, eight percent people said they were all of…

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