Essay It 's All Of Your Mind

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It’s All In Your Mind It’s around 2a.m. on a Wednesday morning. The stars shine brightly in the night sky, the moon illuminating the ground. A cool breeze blew every now and then, only felt on the face of a teenage boy as he walks along the sidewalk. Cars drive past every now and then, but he ignores them. He stops when he gets to the bridge that crosses over the river in town. He looks down at the water below, his heart thumping in his chest. He could end it all with one leap. The bad grades, the thoughts always haunting his mind, the depression. He closes his eyes, letting out a deep shaky breath. One step forward and he’s closer to the edge. The water below is calm, the slight breeze moving the water. He opens his eyes at the sound of a voice from a stranger, asking if he’s alright. It’s not rare for somebody to feel suicidal if they have a mental illness, in fact suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America, the second leading cause in people aged 15-24 (“Mental Health By the Numbers”). In order to help somebody struggling with a mental illness and to know more about it, it is important to know about the causes, effects, and possible solutions of mental illness. One main problem of why there is no awareness for mental illness is because it is not emphasized enough. Whether it’s because it is called an illness or just because people don’t think it exists, mental illness is an actual problem. Mental illness does not just appear in certain age groups, anybody…

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