Essay on It Is My Mother 's Fault

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Literacy has been a huge part of my life. My mom always pushed the importance of reading and writing on my sister and me. My mother has always wanted us to have high goals in life so that we would not be victims to a society that does not want us to succeed. She required us to read a chapter of Psalms, a book in the Bible, every day ever since we started reading. My mom never told us why she picked Psalms, but I assume it is because Psalms is the book of praise ad blessings. My mom wanted us to speak blessings on ourselves so that we would walk in the correct path to do great things with our lives. Over the course of my life I have developed a passion for reading and learning new things. I also developed a passion for developing content and being creative.
My mother loves routines, a quality she passed to my sister and me, so after kindergarten we would sit down, read our chapter, eat dinner, and go to bed. My school career after kindergarten grew on the base of that routine. My mom no longer required me to read, it was just routine. Whenever my school assigned reading I would replace my chapter of Psalms with that assignment, soon I replaced the assignment with chapter books I would get from the library. I fell in love with reading and learning new things. I used to annoy my mom with fun facts. My mom laid the foundation for my love for learning. She made sure that we were exposed to almost every opportunity that was available which includes…

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