Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Mother

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I interviewed a mom who I will call KG. KG has a daughter that is approximately 16 months old who I will refer to as RG. RG has not always attended a daycare center. The first six months after she was born KG was a stay at home mom to her daughter. KG was going to school for education during that time and when she finished and decided to look for a job is when RG began going to this daycare center where KG is a teacher. The center that she attends is a Christian based daycare. One of the most important things that KG and her husband were looking for when deciding on care for RG is that they wanted it to be some place where KG could work so she could still be somewhat close to their daughter during the day. They also felt that because of their religious beliefs that a faith based daycare center would be the best fit. KG told me that she routinely sings songs to her daughter that are religious and she feared …show more content…
They have conferences with the parents and teachers twice a year. In the fall they meet and set goals for the child and in the spring they asses how the goals have been met. As far as daily communication goes there is an opportunity to talk with the teachers in the morning during drop off and in the evening during pick up. They also get a daily sheet with information such as diaper changes, feeding and anything that stood out developmentally wise. While KG said she thinks overall the communication is good because she is a teacher at the center she doesn’t always get to talk to her daughters teacher as much as she might like because she has to get to her classroom to prepare for children to be dropped off and in the evenings by the time all the children are picked up she tries to get home to see her husband. KG felt that this was something that could be worked on by KG taking more time to talk with the teacher before leaving for the

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