It Hit Me Like A Bullet Essay

1055 Words Jan 13th, 2015 5 Pages
It hit me like a bullet. How could this be happening? All I could think about was that I must be dreaming. Eventually the, dream conspiracy I had in my mind was soon cut short as some family started arriving at my house. There was distraught sadness in the air. Soon, Marissa arrived followed by my dad a half hour later. Marissa held me as the priest began saying the prayer. She was truly gone; This was not a dream. That night impacted me greatly. Through all of the chaos in my life, my sisters have always stayed by my side; they have been a driving force in whatever I do and have helped me become a caring, compassionate person. The summers were my favorite time as a kid; school was awesome, but summer was when I got to spend the whole day with my sisters. My parents worked during the days, so it was up to my eldest sister to watch us for the hours we were alone. We would still get up early to watch television, and we would put the couches and chairs together so we could all lay out. After we got our fill of the cartoons, we would got for a walk or play with our neighbors. Alexa and Marissa would always create new games for us to play. One day we were in the woods and we found a place and we named it as our fort. My sisters and I would go there many times and climb trees. They tried teaching me how to do cartwheels and ride a bike. Marissa and Alexa have been my teachers and never gave up on me. This taught me to never give up on anything I want. In fifth grade, I…

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