Islamic Worldview : A Muslim 's Beliefs And Practices Essay

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Islamic Worldview
This is a summary of an Islamic worldview. It will focus on a Muslim’s beliefs and practices. The Quran and Hadith are their sacred book dictated by Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel from all powerful God, Allah. They believe the Quran is a guide for life in which they follow matters of doctrine, social structure, and laws.
The Question of Origin
There were six stages of Creation, but there is some confusion whether stages mean days or another period of time. According to the Quran, In the beginning, Allah created everything including Adam and Eve. Quran 32:7-8 states Adam came from the soil and Eve was created from Adams left rib. There is also some debate on the passage in the Quran that says “What us the matter with you, that you are not conscious of Allah’s majesty, seeing that it is He who has created you in diverse stages? … And Allah has produced you from the earth growing gradually. (Quran 71:13-17) It is believed that verse eludes to Allah setting evolution into place. Adam and Eve were created in Paradise (janna) then later exiled to earth as punishment for their sins. The actual timeline in the Quran is vague on many details of creation. There are verses that state the idea all living things came from water. (24:45)
There are quite a few differences between the Bibles account of creation and the Quran. Adam and Eve were created in Eden, the paradise on earth by the Bibles accounts, yet Quran says they were created elsewhere and later came to…

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