Is The Path For Self Actualization? Essay

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I was left pondering one day after a pastor concluded his sermon with “if you can help one person then your life isn’t in vain”. That remark hit me deeply as in my darkest days I have often questioned the purpose of life and it was in that moment that I received my answer, an answer revolving around altruism. Although we are often taught that in order to find happiness we must look within, the reality may be that to find true happiness we must look outside of ourselves to the next person whose situation is similar, or more dire than our own that we can help. Therefore, I now believe that the path to self-actualization is simply transcending into a form of support for others so that they can better support themselves.
Studying racial and social issues at Michigan State opened my eyes to the suffering of people within this country. Studying and volunteering abroad in Mexico and Ecuador made the poor conditions around the world, which were once unfathomable, real to a young spoiled American. Living and teaching in Atlanta made the disparities in this country extremely apparent. My passion for education, exploration, and cultural competence is the fire that drives me to want to pursue a master’s degree in social work because it will give me the opportunity to use my strengths to impact children and families in a more personal manner than I could as an educator. It is my ultimate goal to create a community center that is geared towards single mothers in need that will not only…

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