What Is Social Work Personal Statement

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Florida State University: Bachelor of Social Work
Personal Statement

It is hard to imagine how different my life would have been without the presence of the social workers who I met along the way. At the time, I did not really understand what it took for them to get to where they were, nor did I understand exactly what they did. All I knew was their ability to make me feel important, cared for, and optimistic during points in my life when I was none of those things. The reason I am applying for this program is because those social workers gave me hope. The impact their work has done for me and others has led me to follow that same route; to help individuals be the best they can be no matter the circumstances. Beyond my anecdotal experience with social work, there are many reasons I am interested in the social work profession. Social work attracts very diverse people, all who share a common goal and morality. I would be thrilled to be surrounded by colleagues who are all working towards helping individuals and the
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That fear of proclaiming their emotions and struggles breeds ideas that they don 't want to be helped or that they do not need help. It is this type of resistance that will be an outstanding quality of populations that will challenge me in the field of social work. Another population I believe will be challenging will be those who are homeless or disabled. I was raised on a Navy base in Sasabo, Japan from age 1 to 8 and then I grew up near the beach in Cocoa, Florida from ages 9 to 17. The rate of homeless and disabled people in both of my hometowns was so low that I have had little to no interaction with those who are homeless or disabled. My next few years at Florida State, I want to become more knowledgeable about this population and the steps that can be taken to provide for their

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