Is the Contemporary Uk Fashion Industry Sustainable? Essay

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Is the Contemporary UK Fashion Industry Sustainable? The sustainability of the fashion industry is one of the major concerns facing many stakeholders in the sector. The UK fashion industry is increasingly facing a wide range of sustainability issues ranging from wastes generation due to increased production of fashion products to the use of toxic materials in the production of fashion items. In addition, the industry has also been faced with the problem of the growing problem of widespread use of unsustainable materials such as non-biodegradable materials that are not usually easy to recycle as well as the current energy consumption to the release of millions of tons of greenhouse gasses released during the manufacture of fashion and …show more content…
According to many experts, herbicides as well as other chemical substances which are used to aid cotton harvesting also impact negatively on both the environment and human health. Cotton entirely emerges as one of the most pesticide intensive crop in the whole world. This pesticide affects people in the United Kingdom in one way or the other. These chemicals additionally remain in the clothes after production and are released directly into the body organs of the lifetime users of the garments (Hethorn, 2015 p. 167).
In my opinion, every individual consumer products have an impact on the environment and the fashion industry is not an exceptional business field. The textile industry in the United Kingdom shares various natural fibres such as wool, linen, silk, hemp and cotton which and man-made fibres. Man-made fibres emerging from these materials such as polyamide and acrylic are made from petrochemical substances which are toxic constituents (Hethorn, 2015 pg. 189). Most of the clothes in our wardrobe are made of polyester, lycra or elastane which are cheap and easy-care fibres. These fibres are toxic to the environment and people and takes about 30-40 years to decompose. This toxicity entirely undermine sustainability of these fashion industry. According to many experts, the waste volumes from the fashion industry have

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