Essay Is Telemedicine Right For You

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Through advancing technologies, medical patients are able to connect with their doctors in cyberspace. In her article, “Is Telemedicine Right for You,” Bisgaard-Fratzen introduces the advantages of telemedicine heath care; economical pricing and convenience. Coinciding with Bisgaard-Fratzen’s ideas, Raymond’s article, “Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Opinion Online,” elaborates on the effects of getting an online second opinion. Though telemedicine offers promising advantages, the modern technology exhibits some downfalls. Bisgaard-Fratzen and Raymond offer a range of appraisals concerning the controversies of telemedicine. In her article, “Is Telemedicine Right for You,” Bisgaard-Fratzen asserts the importance of advancing technology in medical practices. She analyzes how modern health care has utilized new technology, such as wearable health monitors. The new technology has become accessible specifically for the patient’s needs. Notably, Bisgaard-Fratzen illustrates how modern, wearable health monitors allow doctors to evaluate and diagnose patients without them being physically present in the doctor’s office. According to Bisgaard-Fratzen, telemedicine offers advancing technology that not only helps people stay healthy and out of hospitals today, but will potentially be a convenience for people in the future also. Through the rise of virtual medical centers, future generations will be able to experience a more convenient medical trip. Though Bisgaard-Fratzen presents…

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