Advantages Of Telenursing

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Telenursing: Is It In My Future?

Essence Rodriguez

Chamberlain School of Nursing

Telenursing: Is It in My Future?

Telehealth nursing is the use of telecommunications technology in nursing to enhance patient care at a distance. Telehealth nursing is the delivery, management, and coordination of care and, services provided via telecommunications technology within the nursing scope. Telenursing involves the use of electromagnetic channels for example wire, radio, and optical so they are able to transmit voice data and video communication signals.
The use of telehealth is used in many aspects of the nursing culture. From homehealth nursing, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers, hospital consultations, ICU monitoring,. Telehealth
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Telehealth nursing includes other health care professionals such as radiologist, pharmacist, and psychology. Advantages that patients may be faced with is that it will be more convenient through video, web chat, or phone. Workers are allowed to follow up on a prescription with a physician they have been working with for many years. Cost efficiency medical doctors are changing less for a telemedicine consultation than they would for an in person visit. Payers experience reduced cost when specialist are used more often to address patient conditions meaning that if the patient has direct contact with the right specialist this can eliminate increasing amount of admissions, transfers, and readmissions, and length of stays at …show more content…
There is a low quality of health informatics records like X-Rays or other imaging. Cultural and linguistic differences among health care professionals and patients. Increasing the amounts of care at home and, in the community with limited resources, will require a partnership between staff and, service users that explores technology as a whole. It allows patients to play an important part in their care given the knowledge and tools. Even though technology can change the medium and, may necessitate competencies related with the scope of nursing.

The scope of practice does not change with telehealth nursing. Even though health care is transforming with many technical evolutions from wireless and internet I just don’t feel as though I am into the whole telehealth nursing. Even with all the research that I have come across on this topic it is not for me I am more of a bedside nurse that loves trauma and faced paced situations. On the other hand, nursing is so competitive and, with the telehealth industry increasing and doing well it will be great to learn the skills needed just in case things start to turn over faster than I

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