Is Technology A Progressive Learning Tool For Students? Essay examples

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Our mission is to be a progressive, high-quality school system that connects students and their families to a caring, traditional community. Athens High School belief statements are as follows:
1. We believe all students can learn.
2. We believe it is important for students to attend school every day and in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.
3. We believe technology is a progressive learning tool for students to reach their greatest potential and provides equity for student outcomes.
4. We believe every student deserves a rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experience including extracurricular and fine arts experiences.
5. We believe students are valued individuals and our system will respect and empower them to reach their greatest learning potential.
6. We believe every student is inherently unique and diversity enhances learning.
7. We believe it is important for every student to develop a sense of personal and community responsibility and for the system to promote community service opportunities.
8. We believe honesty and open communication are vital for healthy relationships.
9. We believe passionate teachers have the greatest impact on learning.
10. We believe that school staff should be connected with students and families outside the classroom because learning is a shared responsibility for which school, home, student, and community are accountable.
11. We believe leadership at every level matters.
12. We believe our system is…

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