Is Nursing A Stressful Profession? Essay

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Nursing is by its very nature a stressful profession exacerbated by a host of work-related factors, empirical findings indicate that workplace conditions such as burnout, escalating patient-to-nurse ratios, and psychological and physical stressors all make it hard. Achieving a state of relaxation and calmness is integral to clarity of thought, to unblocking answers to perplexing questions of everyday life, and as self-protection from the negative effects of life stressors. I felt energized, less tired, with a sense of calmness when gaining a clearer perspective on an issue after self-care session.
The place of meditation was not the very best given the fact that people could frequent their and since these are my colleagues we could chit chat before embarking to my meditation. I later discovered that when I pretended to be sleeping the disturbance was minimal that real worked for me.
Every week was different especially at work, sometimes there could be real a lot to accomplish and at times just enough. At the very beginning of the class, it seemed like there was not a big difference with the meditation, but as time went by I could feel relaxed and having the energy to complete my tasks in a timely manner.
I real felt in control of situations and my work in general, throughout this course I have been able to time myself in everything I am doing, and so I became very time conscious. Work related stressors were always present but I had a better control mechanism in place to…

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