Is health care a basic right? Essay

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Is health care a basic right?
Can it be limited if the cost of providing unlimited treatment is prohibitive?
If so, should it be regarded as a commodity and limited by market mechanisms, or should it be rationed by government regulation? If not, how can the nation pay for it?
Health Care, like all other services comes at a financial cost. While we should strive to make health care available and affordable to all, the bottom line is that it is a service that can only be provided if the voting populous agrees on its need. Basic human rights do not cost money. We have the right to life and liberty which is great and we do not have to pay for it. We have the right to basic medical care as well. But we can only have that if other people
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One of the more insidious arguments in this vein is that reform of the healthcare system will lead to rationing of care. But the entire economy is about rationing of goods and services. Unless we are willing to spend a ruinous portion of our GDP on healthcare services, these services will be rationed, one way or another. The best hope of economists is that they are rationed in an efficient way, a way that lets consumers trade off, as well as possible, the benefit of a healthcare procedure versus the other uses those resources could go to. This is the reason that attaching prices to procedures is in theory a good thing. What gets mixed up with prices is the differential access of the rich and poor to procedures under a price system.
Many of the problems with modern healthcare have been trial-and-error attempts to identify what allocations of healthcare are approximately efficient. In the US, they have ended up with a system where we give out too much healthcare, whereas in Britain and elsewhere the problem may lie somewhere toward the other end of the spectrum. Healthcare industry need to place an honest value, sell products only for what they are worth and involve a third party for payment only when absolutely necessary. But above all there is no value on healthcare costs. The money is not spent on caring for

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