Is Gm Foods Reliable Or Not? Essay

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I. Summary
Since the 1990’s GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) has taken part in the agricultural industry. Genetically modified organisms are organisms (living things) in which DNA has been altered in a way in where mating and/or natural combination do not occur naturally. GM foods are produced for durability, quality, and nutritional value. GMOs help resist plant diseases caused by insects or viruses or tolerance to herbicides. Many of the food intakes in America contain GMOs. Pesticides that are added to the food and land is resulting in environmental health for civilians. The environmental issue that is being created by all the chemicals being sprayed into the air does not only affect our health, but the natural environment. One solution proposed is to find alternative ways to grow food and eliminate unwanted grass growth. Growing our own food is another way to help keep our environment more conserve and safe.
II. Objective:
The question is: is GM foods reliable or are we better off growing our own food in our backyard. Growing our own food in our backyard can bring us benefits, but many people don’t have the time, place, or money to grow food. The cause-and-effect on GM foods will be provided in this report vs. organic food. How beneficial is GMO’s in our food against growing our own food will be researched and recorded to see the pros and cons of both. The results of the research report should help the audience in our community learn about GM foods and its effects…

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