Is College Or Higher Education? Essay

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Critical Argument Essay College or higher education is something many want to go for after high school but it can be expensive. Some believe that this kind of education should be free. Others disagree with this notion saying it is better the way it is with people having to pay to attend. This debate has been going on for a while and has yet to be resolved. Higher education, however, should be free for several reasons. A few of those being to make it more affordable, make it more accessible, and to change or eliminate current polices on it. First off the system of higher education has met increasing problems. It is becoming increasingly unaffordable and this is creating a major issue. According to researchers “the crisis of affordability in higher education is intensifying” (Reed Jr. and Szymanski, 39). This statement suggests that the issue is a rising crisis in affordable prices for higher education services. This needs to be remedied if things are to get better in the education field. So prices need to be lowered or eliminated. Some believe it should be eliminated all together. Secondly the higher prices on higher education makes it less accessible to lower income people. Concerning as how they cannot afford to go they may decide to get a low income job and repeat the cycle for their family. Free education can make it so that these people can get a better education beyond high school. This will greatly benefit those who want to and can do something more in life but…

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