Is College Meant To Be For Everyone Essay

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Is college meant to be for everyone?

Higher education is growing throughout the entire world on a daily basis. Colleges and universities are expanding the whole entire world. In the Western hemisphere of the world education is leading on to many new things. I truly think that education is required by all human beings, it should be mandatory that everyone has a certain level of education. Planning out certain programs that fit your needs will help you succeed in life.You shouldn’t waste your time on all general studies, you should used your time on a specific degree or certificate program. You credentials will help you in the workforce, but once again finding a job or maintaining it isn’t guaranteed. I have acquaintances who’ve gotten nowhere in life with a degree and I also no individuals who made the most out of their degrees.
The vast majority of people seek education for a better life. Without education you simply won’t be able to develop social skills. Education also leads to opportunity for qualifying candidates. As a candidate education will allow you to learn more and become an even more qualified candidate. The majority of high school graduates are facing difficulties seeking and obtaining jobs. In the past they were able to obtain a well paying job however that has changed do to high demand of jobs. The United States of America has developed a structure of manufactured based economic
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A college degree is a valuable degree that we use to for job training or maintaining a stable job. Job stability is what tons of people suffer, however with a degree or certificate you will be gain more stability. It’s extremely important to go to college and educate yourself. Most students don't get the opportunity to go college because they may not have the funding for the necessary education required. However higher education truly leads onto to many more opportunities in the job

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