Essay on Is Bullying A Crime?

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You can only face your fear of bullying by standing up to the bully, but why is bullying taken lightly especially with adults? Bullying is more than just the physical form, in fact so many kids and adults commit suicide due to bullying and everybody is affected when it comes to bullying whether they are directly involved or watching. There is no excuse for bullying, but there is no excuse for when people take it lightly and turn their heads to the situation. If everybody lends a hand to take a stand then this is a social issue that not only will be corrected but also taken more seriously.

There has to be a way to fight this crime, and yes I call bullying a crime because these are one of the few crimes that can be committed on different levels and can cause the same effects, or worst result in death. There are different forms of bullying I will be talking about and its not only dealing with the common physical form that everybody can see but also forms that nobody can see and if there is no light shined on the other forms it can go unnoticed but the victim still can get harmed in the end. I will be talking about Physical bullying which is a common form of bullying, Verbal bullying, Relational Aggression, Cyberbullying, Sexual Bullying, and Prejudicial Bullying.

Physical Bullying
This is the most common form and the most obvious, you can imagine watching television and seeing the bigger kid picking on the smaller kid and eventually the smaller kid beats up the bully…

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