Is Animal Life Worth More Than Human Life? Essay

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Is Animal Life worth more than Human Life?
Did you know that if it wasn’t for animal testing we wouldn’t be able to vaccinate ourselves against rabies, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tuberculosis, and many more? Animal testing is experiment done on animals for the betterment of products from medications to cosmetics. The pros of animal testing is that there is no other way to test on an living, whole body system, and there are laws protecting animals and their rights. The cons of animal testing is that it is inhumane and cruel and there are alternative ways to test products. I favor animal testing because it has a great contribution to life saving cures/ treatments, animals are similar to human beings in many ways, and it 's safer to test on animals than humans.
People who support animal testing say that there is no other way to test on a living, whole body system. So by testing on animals we are able to get that from them. When scientists do animal testing they need a whole body system to test and see how it would react. If we were to test on other alternative ways we wouldn’t get the full result. Since humans are so similar to the animals that are used in the testing it only makes sense to do so. Not a lot of human beings would want to be tested on dangerous chemicals they don’t know about. So since humans life is dangered with testing it only makes sense to do it on animals. To evaluate the side effects of many new medicines being made we need a circulatory system to…

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