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1. What will you need to understand and measure for an effective reengineering project? (Points : 1) Cost and risk Performance of existing processes for a baseline Strategic analysis and workflow Inputs and outputs

2. Enabling organizations to make continual improvements to many business processes and to use processes as the fundamental building blocks of corporate information systems is the goal of (Points : 1) BPM. BPR. reengineering. workflow management.

3. The _____ is directly responsible for the individual systems project. (Points : 1) project management group project team IS steering committee corporate
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The four kinds of structural organizational change enabled by IT, in order from least to most risky, are (Points : 1) rationalization, automation, reengineering, and redesigning. rationalization, automation, reengineering, and paradigm shift. automation, rationalization, reengineering, and paradigm shift. automation, redesigning, restructuring, and paradigm shift.

10. Traditional software development methodologies often fail because (Points : 1) insufficient funds are allocated. users are not an integral part of the development process. not enough planning is done. the IT staff does not have the necessary skills.

11. You have been hired by a pharmaceutical company to evaluate its inventory of systems and IT projects. Which types of projects would be best avoided? (Points : 1) Any high-risk projects Any low-benefit projects All high-risk, low benefit projects None; any project might be beneficial

12. To best evaluate, from a financial standpoint, an IT investment whose benefits cannot be firmly established in advance, you would use (Points : 1) capital budgeting. the real option pricing model. the scoring model. net present value.

13. What do many companies overlook when making information system investment decisions? (Points :

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