Ipads And Other Mobile Devices Essay

868 Words Dec 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Implementation of iPads and other mobile devices as teaching tools in special education classrooms provide significant improvements in academic learning, as well as improvements in behavior, social engagement, communication and self-determination. Not only does the use of iPads help students in special education classrooms, they are also easy and manageable for teachers and parents to utilize. iPads are easy to operate, malleable in terms of updating applications, programs and software, and they are easy to transport across classrooms to the home. They are also easily individualized to the student 's specific disabilities, therefore providing specific educational tools per the students learning needs. Finding new methods to teach children with disabilities is increasingly important as students are faced with many challenges in and out of the classroom. Using iPads in the classroom in place of traditional teaching methods can greatly increase academic, as well as development, achievements. Therefore, it is for these listed reasons that further research and study must be conducted on the best practices of integrating and implementing the regular, daily use of iPads in special education classrooms. Studies show that the integration of technology in the classroom directly relates to teachers ' ability to successfully engage and teach students with ASD and other disabilities (Horner et al., 2002). Thus, the recent rise in mobile technology usage as classroom tools has increased…

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